Artificial Grass in Shepperton | Landscaping for a Contemporary Garden Design

Like any design-based solution, landscaped gardens have a subjective quality. What one person sees as a dream outdoor space in Shepperton, another person simply doesn’t like. You can rest assured that our team doesn’t rush into path and patio laying. We get to know your tastes, personality and design aspirations during the design stage of your project, ensuring results that exceed your expectations. On this page we focus on contemporary gardens, and the artificial grass, garden paving and garden fencing that define them.

So, what key features make a garden modern? Generally speaking, hard landscaping remains the star of such designs. Of course, softscaping features have an impact, but we create the curved lines, textured surfaces and multiple levels of contemporary gardens with hardscaping materials.

Below, we explore how we blend some of our most popular services to create modern gardens in Shepperton and the neighbouring areas.

How Landscaping Creates Contemporary Spaces

For brevity, we will focus on the core aspects of modern outdoor spaces – patio laying, garden paving, garden fencing and artificial grass.

Patios and Paths

In a modern garden space, the patio and pathways make up a significant amount of the surface area. It stands to reason, then, that modern designs in this part of your overall scheme lay the foundations for the final look.

When it comes to patio laying, modern designs vary. For example, you can integrate curving lines that avoid a bold, definitive boundary between your soft landscaping features and the garden paving. This not only establishes a flowing aesthetic that softens the hard lines of the paving, it also creates valuable space for natural colour in smaller Shepperton gardens.

Garden paving and patio laying can also benefit from multiple levels. Spatial monotony doesn’t make your garden especially interesting. By integrating multiple levels, as well as artificial grass and garden fencing, we create focal points and details that not only look great but provide a function too.

Artificial Grass

While patio laying, garden paving and garden fencing all have a long-standing association with domestic gardens and landscaping projects, artificial grass has only recently seen a surge in popularity. Of course, one of the main reasons for this is the improved quality and appearance of the material itself.

Modern artificial grass looks incredibly realistic and is much softer underfoot than products from 10 years ago. You can even choose varying colours and textures to suit your Shepperton garden.

When you factor in improved drainage, durability and, of course, the zero maintenance, it’s little surprise that more people are making this landscaping change.

Garden Fencing

Much like garden paving and patio laying, fences have been a staple of domestic gardens for decades. Trellis, panel and closeboard designs remain the most popular, be it in Shepperton or any of our other service locations.

As for what makes contemporary garden fencing at this moment in time, look no further than screens or panels with horizontal slats. Perhaps most importantly, you can choose from an extensive range of colours for your final finish. This allows you to customise your fence in line with your paving, artificial grass and other key landscaping features.

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